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Triangle Smart Home provides commercial quality aerial photography and videography services for residential and commercial operations.  

  • Home Owner: Our services provide solutions for simply an aerial photograph of your property for framing or in need of a video for roof inspection
  • Commercial Operations: Video and Stills for Land, Surveys, Shopping Centers, Developments, Apartments, Real Estate, etc.
  • Call (919) 812-2926 to schedule your flyover today.  
  • Primary Website: https://www.trianglesmarthome.com

Photos and Videos
Videos are shot in 4k for the best quality available and photos are 20mb, however for your convenience, your stills and videos are sized for posting to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Google, etc.).


FAA Licensed and Liability Insured against damage
Triangle Smart Home Drone Services is fully licensed by the FAA as a UAS Commercial Pilot with Part 107 Certifications. Per qualifications and certifications, TSH can legally fly missions close to Raleigh/Durham Airport upon requesting authorization to do so. 


Insured against property damage
We are fully insured for any damages to property as a result of any drone accident. My license and COI can be provided for your verification.